Old stuff

I've been dabbling in Web site design since 1996. In that time, I've learned a thing or two. Some of my previous designs use techniques that I would never use now, but it's only honest to own up to my previous mistakes.

I've long felt the need to bookmark my favourite Web sites on a Web site, rather than in my browser. I currently use two different browsers on four different computers, and would like to be able to access the same bookmarks on all of them. My Treasure map represented the beginnings of a site to meet that need. It dates from 1999 (contemporaneous with Backflip), but came to nothing because, at the time, I knew next to nothing about SQL and had never heard of PHP. I'll admit that part of my motivation for doing it was that I thought it was a really original (and possibly profitable!) idea. Now that I know it's a text-book example (in two excellent text books, Larry Ullman's PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites and Luke Welling and Laura Thomson's PHP and MySQL Web Development), it's obviously not a money-spinner, but I might get around to implementing something similar one day.

The site you're currently reading has gone through several previous incarnations. Its immediate predecessor is preserved here. Before I acquired the domain mclaughlin.org.uk, I used the third-level domain grue.demon.co.uk, where I built The Eponymous Grue.

I've designed a site for my dad, the Govan Chairman. In time, I intend to improve its accessibility.

I designed and, for several years, maintained the site of the Scottish Croquet Association. The last time I looked, it was still essentially as I designed it.

Dave McLaughlin